About Us - Alkufa Trading

ALKUFA GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is a United Arab Emirates based innovated and integrated since 2012 . We are multiples products and gen. trading company. We carry out our businesses wherever we see opportunity not limited to any geographical boundary however our business relationships are strengthened over the years within GCC and Indian Subcontinent. Our operations are managed through our office in UAE and in collaboration with our customers/clients ,present at their area of operation ,whom we consider our business partners. We have established relationships with quality suppliers and distributors that you can effortlessly take advantage of. We leverage our trust and reputation and strengthen it every day.

ALKUFA GENERAL TRADING offers the unique opportunity to forge a relationship with a growing organization that functions with the success and efficiency of a huge conglomerate. We take pride in our business and professionalism and this ethic is the basis of our continued progress. Our regional presence is an established network of industry professionals and agro food producers whose expectations we exceed through efficient processes, next-level risk management and cunning market sense.

Above all, we value relationships and trust and always respect our obligations. Our word is our reputation.


Our Mission & Vision


The ALKUFA GENERAL TRADING LLC has been built around creating trust and delivering value – captured in the vision: “The preferred provider of essential and value added foods for everyone, everywhere and every day.”

ALKUFA GENERAL TRADING LLC views the world as a network of possibilities. We unlock this potential through efficient economy of motion from the source to their destination.


We strives to continue our reputation of valuing every partner and earning their trust through skilled sourcing, management, and transport of a wide range of agri-commerce materials.

Promote a culture of meritocracy by selecting, developing and rewarding people based on competence and capabilities.

Encourage open communication through opportunities and forums so that it helps to improve the workplace and productivity.

Legislate safe, hygienic and healthy work conditions.

Facilitate the right work-life balance through better time management.


Relationships are the basis of our business and every professional we work with is treated with transparency and respect. We believe that consistency, deference, receptivity, and innovation are the keys to successful business management.


Transparency in the system has enabled a smooth functioning of operations which encourages honesty, human quality of communicating and upholding truth.


We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards which enable us to take decision in a manner that comply with true professionalism.


We strive for excellent performance in everything we do.